Industries Application

Building & Construction

Client from building and construction industry have positive feedback of obvious indoor environment difference in their applied building using ThermoCool™ thermal insulation paint coatings. ThermoCool™ coatings provide dual not just insulation solution, but also act as your aesthetic paint finish in which the application is similar to conventional paint. Furthermore, ThermoCool™ is designed for exterior purpose, it is able to withstand harsh weathering and anti-fungi growth.


ThermoCool™ thermal insulation paint coatings is not just a powerful heat barrier for weathering. It also prevent corrosion and CUI (Corrosion under Insulation) along with resistance to UV, moisture, algae and fungus growth. Our advanced paint coatings offer sustainable solution for the insulation of manufacturing equipment and also protection for your valuable assets. Unlike other traditional insulators, ThermoCool™ will not degrade due to moisture and dust infiltration. Therefore, it can realise significant economic value within 6 to 18 months and also achieve ROI with energy reduction up to 30%!

Oil & Gas / Engineering

ThermoCool™ thermal insulation paint coatings are a trusted insulation technology by combines dual benefits, thermal insulation and CUI prevention to the oil and gas industry. By the product itself, it provide a natural hydrophobic feature that can prevent corrosion and CUI.  ThermoCool™ is meant to withstand harshest ocean environment. Moreover, ThermoCool™ has a much longer assets lifespan compared to  the traditional insulation option. Thus, it greatly reduce the maintenance and replacement costs over time.

Business Opportunity

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